Tech-Western Inc. is
Tech-Western, Inc. has enjoyed exceptional success with a project based initiative. The initial growth was fueled by the success of the Principals and their ability to tackle unique and difficult projects in the industrial construction realm. Accomplishments include cold storage systems, shipping distribution systems, factory automation, industrial construction, residential construction, importing and software.  Extremely short completion deadlines and technically sophisticated projects are nothing more than business as usual for Tech-Western, Inc.  The mature business is now on the verge of a new product transition and major project expansion to meet the rapidly increasing demand for renewable energy projects. 

Company History
Tech-Western, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has been an innovator in industrial, commercial, retail and residential projects for almost two decades.  Project management specialties include unique, complex and technically challenging operations spanning numerous industries at locations all over the USA.  Tech-Western, Inc. is currently focused on importing technology and building high value systems related to the renewable energy industry for both industrial and residential market segments.

Comments from our Clients:

"Tech-Western, Inc. continues to develop creative energy based money making opportunities for us"
Colin Richards

Each of us must do our part to save the planet.  Why not make money doing it"
Lesley Edwards

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